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Flora in Oceania - photos


Oceania is one of the world's most biodiverse regions for flora. There are tropical to temperate rainforests which contain a plethora of ferns and palms. Tropical and sub-tropical rainforests are common in the islands of the South Pacific as well as north-east Australia. Temperate rainforests are common in New Zealand and Southern Australia including the island state of Tasmania. Inland Australia however, has small trees and shrubs that are drought resistant. Read more

Palms - Australia

Australian Palms photos

Temperate Rainforest - New Zealand

Temperate Rainforest photos

Coconut Palms - Tonga

Palms in Tonga photos

Flora - New Caledonia

Flora of New Caledonia photos

Gondwana Rainforest - Australia

Australian Palms photos

Beech Forest - New Zealand

New Zealand Beech Forest photos

Tropical Rainforest - Tonga

Tropical Rainforest in Tonga photos

Rainforests - Australia

Rainforests in Australia photos

Ferns - New Zealand

New Zealand ferns photos

Coastal Tree & Plants - Tonga

Coastl Plants in Tonga photos

Antarctic Beech - Australia

Antarctic Beech of Australia photos

Pohutukawa - New Zealand

New Zealand Pohutukawa photos

Flowers - Tonga

Flowers of Tonga photos

Hoop Pine - Australia

Hoop Pine photos

Rata - New Zealand

New Zealand Rata photos

Pandanus - Tonga

Pandanus of Tonga photos

Jacaranda - Australia

Jacaranda photos

Kowhai - New Zealand

New Zealand Kowhai photos

Banyan Tree - Tonga

Banyan Tree photos

More Flora - Oceania

Temperate Rainforest photos

Tussock grasses and other alpine vegetation are common in high altitude areas in parts of Australia's Great Dividing Range, Tasmania, and New Zealand's Southern Alps as well as some ranges and volcanoes in New Zealand's North Island.

Australia's large desert areas in the centre of the continent giveway to large areas of savanna grasslands in the north. To the south of these deserts, a mediterranean or tempertate climate exist.

Central Otago and the Central Plateau in New Zealand are the only areas of New Zealand that experience a continental climate, as the country has a predimately maritime climate, i.e., it is influenced by the sea. Rainfall is often low in these central areas and due to harsh winters, vegetation consists of tussock grasses, small trees, and hardy shrubs.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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