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Virtual Oceania - Using Our Photos

Licences and conditions

Virtual Oceania includes the following website: Virtual Australia, Virtual New Caledonia, Virtual Zealand, and Virtual Tonga. Virtual Oceania displays photos covered under different licences. Most photos are owned by us and are under copyright.

Free photos for your website, blog, social network, homework, hardcopy, TV, DVD, CD.

Even though our photos are protected by copyright, we do permit free use of many photos on your site by using our provided embed code which is located just below each photo that we own. We do have restrictions on how many photos you can use on any project or site.

For use in a website:
For analogue and digital mediums such as TV, CDs, DVDs, digital presentations
For hard copy use

Licensing our photos

If you want to use our photos outside of the above restrictions, want to use more photos than allowed above, or want to use the original photo rather than the low res JPGs displayed, then you can contact us with your request, or purchase a license. A licence gives you Royalty-Free usage and you get the original file.

More information about our photos

Our original image files are in TIF format and are 600 dpi. The resulting digital files sizes range from 4000 x 2800 to 7000 x 5000 pixels, and each file ranges within 75 to 200 mb in size.

All our photos are available for licensing. They are owned by Virtualtopia our parent company. We are not an agency for other photographers. All licenses for our photographs are between you and Virtualtopia only, there are no additional complications in dealing with photographers and any restrictions that photographers can place on their work.

Our unique photos have been used by governments, companies, organisations, education organisations, and individuals all over the world. Uses include: calendars, brochures, magazines, books, posters, business cards, packaging, clothing, web sites, CDs, DVDs, and corporate presentations, etc. Some of our clients include multinational companies, international news broadcasters, encyclopaedia and educational institutions, advertisers, tourism organisations, government departments, and small companies and individuals. Our list of clients come from many different countries.

If you are interested in licensing our images for use in your organisation, company or project, then all you need to do is choose a license to proceed.


Creative Commons licences

Some photos on this web site use a Creative Commons licence. There are four types of Creative Commons license. All photos that use one of these licences will link to this page and the appropriate license with one of the following decriptive links:

© CC Attribution license »

© CC NonCommercial license »

© CC ShareAlike license. »

© CC NonDerivative license »

You are free to copy, distribute, display, perform, and remix the photo, as long as you give you credit to the owner of the photo.

You are free to copy, distribute, display, perform, and remix the photo for non-commercial purposes only. You must give credit to the owner of the photo.

You are free to create, remix, and make derivative works based on the photo, as long as you distribute the derivative work under this ShareAlike Creative Commons license. You must give credit to the owner of the photo.

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform only verbatim copies of the photo — not make derivative works based on it. You must give credit to the owner of the photo.



This web site, logo, name, content, photos, and design are protected by international copyright law.
Original versions of our photos can be purchased & web versions can be shared subject to conditions.