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Oceania photos


The continental region of Oceania contains some 10,000 islands from tiny isolated coral cays, large islands like those in New Zealand, to Australia the world's largest island and smallest continent. Let our photos show you Oceania from its varied landscapes, beautiful coastlines, rivers, lakes, people, and settlements. You will be astounded by the beauty and rich cultures found in this isolated area of the world. Read more

Cities of Oceania

Cities in Oceania photos

Beaches and Coastlines in Oceania

Beaches and Coastlines  photos

Landscapes of Oceania

Landscapes of Oceania photos

Lakes in Oceania

Lakes in Oceania photos

Rivers & Waterfalls in Oceania

Rivers in Oceania photos

Flora of Oceania

Flora of Oceania photos

Fauna of Oceania

Fauna of Oceania photos

Birds of Oceania

Birds of Oceania photos

People of Oceania

People of Oceania photos

Cultures in Oceania

Cultures in Oceania photos

Oceania has a huge variety of flora and fauna, unique indigenous cultures, and contrasting modern cities to explore. This region lies between Africa and South America. Given its isolation, it has developed with less outside influence compared to other continents. Predominate cultures include many variations of Aboriginal, Polynesian, and Melanesian people groups as well as first world European cultures that came in the last two hundred years. The result is a blend of modern and ancient often existing side by side. Coupled with increasing Asian immigration, this part of the world offers a taste of Europe, Asia, and indigenous cultures within an area that spans the tropics to temperate climatic zones.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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