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  »  Australia
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About Virtual Oceania

Virtual Oceania ( represents countries in the Oceania region. Web sites so far include: Virtual Australia, Virtual New Caledonia, Virtual New Zealand, and Virtual Tonga with more sites to follow.


To cite an article or to use an image on this site, simply acknowledge my name or the name of the site along with either the URL to the site or page you found the photo on. For example: 'David Johnson at' or make a link to the page like: Virtual New Zealand, or To help you, try clicking the embed code link below the image. Code will appear for Social Media and email as well as code for websites.

Our photos

The images in Virtual Oceania and respective country web sites were taken by David Johnson. The site does not host images from other photographers apart from a dozen or so free images that are labelled as Creative Commons. My images are available in RAW, TIF - 600 dpi, and JPG. They range from 4000 x 2800 to 7000 x 5000 pixels. All the images are available to license for commercial use.

David Johnson

All images were taken by David Johnson (pictured above).

New site
We now have another site where the best photos from here and from around the rest if the world are uploaded. Called Geographic Media, it has large digital photos from countries as diverse as Argentina and Tonga.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:



Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania). Providing a credit or link is appreciated.
Our content: logos, site names, text, photos, and website design are protected by international copyright law.
Original versions of our photos can be purchased / licensed & web versions can be shared subject to conditions.