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Kowhai Tree - photos

Kowhai photo
Kowhai photo
Kowhai flowers photo
Kowhai blossums photo
Kowhai Tree photo
Kowhai Tree photo
Kowhai Tree photo
Kowhai Flowers photo

About Kowhai Tree

The Kowhai is endemic to New Zealand. They can grow as high as 8 metres (26 feet) and look spectacular in full flower making them a popular garden species.

Notable for its yellow flowers in Spring, they attract a number of native birds including the Tui and Kereru (wood pigeon). The flower is New Zealand's national flower.

In Maoritanga, (Maori language) Kowhai means 'yellow' and the Maori used the flower as a yellow dye. Maori also used the branches as construction material for houses and the bark was used for medicinal purposes.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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