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New Zealand Ferns - photos

Black Fern photo
Fern Forest photo
Tree Fern photo
Silver Fern photo
Ground Fern photo
Hound's Tongue photo
Fern Leaf photo
Ground Fern photo
Hound's Tongue photo
Fern Crown photo
Fern Forest photo
Fern Fronds photo
Hound's Tongue photo
Black Tree Ferns photo
Tree Ferns photo
Fern Branches photo

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About New Zealand Ferns

New Zealand's native bush has a huge variety of ferns, with about 190 native species. The bush is literally covered in ground ferns with fern trees protruding up toward the canopy. Epiphyte ferns also exist on giant trees in the forest. Most grow in shady and damp conditions such as valleys and deep gullies that get less direct sunlight.

The most common fern species is the Black Tree Fern which happens to be the world's tallest, with some specimens reaching 24 metres (80 feet) high. At the other end of the scale are ferns that are only a few centremetres in height.

The most recognisable fern is the Silver Fern which is a New New Zealand emblem. It is used on the shirts of sports teams including the All Blacks rugby team, Silver Ferns netball team, as well as the New Zealand Olympic team.

Koru is the shape of an unfurling fern frond. It is also a New Zealand emblem or symbol and to the Maori. it represents the unfolding of new life.

More Photos

Fern Branch photo
Fern Branch photo
Silver Fern photo
Giant Fern Branch photo
Hound's Tongue photo
Black Fern photo
Black Fern photo
Black Ferns photo
Hound's Tongue photo
Fern leaves photo
Epiphytes  photo
Fern Trees  photo
New Zealand Fern Trees photo
Fern leaves photo
Ground Ferns photo
Fiordland Fern photo
Fern Frond photo
Fern Trunk photo
Young Ferns photo
Fern Trunk photo


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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