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Rimutaka Rainforest - photos

Epiphytes photo
Forest Canopy photo
Moss on a Tree Photo
Epiphytes photo
Rimutaka Rainforest Tree photo
Rimutaka Forest Floor photo
Tree Trunks photo
Rimutaka Rainforest Tree photo
Epiphytes photo
Beech Tree photo
Rainforest Trees photo
Epiphytes photo
Rainforest Tree photo
Beech Tree photos
Fern Tree photo
Rainforest Tree photo
Rimutaka Hills photo
Hound's Tongue photo
Ground Ferns photo
Rimutaka Range photos

About Rimutaka Rainforest

The Rimutaka Range in the lower North Island is a mountainous area that divides the Wellington and Wairarapa regions. Mt Matthews is the tallest peak with a height at 949 m above sea level.

The vegetation here is varied and determined by altitude. While typical of the North Island there are some unique plant species here. Valley floors usually have rivers that are surrounded by temperate rainforest consisting of ground ferns, tree ferns, Nikau Palms, and many other trees including emergents. Above this Beech forests often exist which eventually leads to stunted trees and bush species. Beyond this are areas of tussock in the sub-alpine zone.

More Photos

Rimu photo
Epiphyte photo
Fern Tree photo
Giant Tree photo
Rimu Forest photo
Rimutaka Hills photo


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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