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Tongan Coastal Plants - photos

Exposed Roots photo
Mangrove Tree photo
Eua Vegetation photo
Coconut Palms photo
Eua Vegetation photo
Plant photo
Coastal Vegetation photo
Coastal Vegetation photo
Mangrove photo
Mangrove Roots photo
Coastal Vegetation photo
Coastal Vegetation photo
Coastal Vegetation photo
Eua Vegetation photo
Coastal Vegetation photo
Pandanus Palms photos

About Tongan Coastal Plants

Pandanus Palm Forest photoTonga comprises of hundreds of islands and much of it's ecosystem is coastal favouring trees that grow well in sandy soils and exposed to wind and sea spray. Flora types found in the coastal regions include Mangrove, Coconut Palm, and Pandanus Palm.

The latter group includes Pandanus palms which have a unique prop root system that allows them to grow in sandy soil.

Coconut Palms are the most iconic of coastal flora in Tonga and the South Pacific.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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