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Tonga Flora - photos


Tonga has many tropical plants, flowers, and trees which are also found elsewhere in the South Pacific. Common flora includes: banana trees, hibiscus, frangipani, pandanus palms, and many other tropical plants including ferns. The most common tree are coconut palms which often accompany most people's view of a South Pacific paradise. They are grown in plantations throughout the islands of Tonga. Read more

Coconut Palms

Coconut Palm photos


Pandanus photos


Banyan photos

Tongan Rainforest

Tongan Rainforest photos

Coastal Plants

Coastal Plants of Tonga photos


Tongan Flower photos

More Tongan Plants

More Tongan Plant photos

Coconut palms rise as high as 30m (100 ft) and often fringe the coastlines of most islands because they are extremely salt-tolerant. Pandanus Palms, another common tree in Tonga, vary in size from small shrubs which are less than one metre tall to medium-sized trees around 20 metres in height. Small forests of pandanus can often be found on the coast.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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