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Antarctic Beech - photos

Antarctic Beech photo
Tree Trunk photo
Antarctic Beech photo
Antarctic Beech photo
Antarctic Beech photo
Antarctic Beech photo
Antarctic Beech Base photo
Antarctic Beech Base photo

About Antarctic Beech

Antarctic Beech, is a relic from the Gondwana supercontinent that Australia was once part of. Relatives of these trees exist today in New Zealand, Chile, Patagonia, and fossils exist in Antarctica. In Australia, living examples are found in high altitude areas of Eastern Australia where rainfall is abundant and consistent year round. These conditions are important because they nullifiy the threat of bush fires. Specific areas where they are found are areas of cool temperate rainforests in Springbrook National Park, Lamington National Park, and Barrington Tops National Park.

These trees are usually about 25 metres in height but can reach upward to 50 metres. They have a large trunk up to 1 metre in diameter. They are also partly deciduous. Leaves are dark green, and orange to red in spring.

The root structure is often visible due to erosion of the the surrounding soil. It is common for one root system to sprout multiple trunks.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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