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Australian Waterfalls - photos


Australia has waterfalls located in a wide variety of climates and landscapes. In the tropics, waterfalls thunder down escarpments during the wet season and turn into a trickle in the dry. Waterfalls In the outback are often found in gorges and cascade down rocky plateaus.

The eastern seaboard has waterfalls located in the mountainous Great Dividing Range and tablelands. They are often located within lush vegetation as they descend from these highlands to the coastal plains. Read more

Liffey Falls

Liffey Falls photos

Natural Bridge Falls

Natural Bridge Falls photos

Purlingbrook Falls

Purlingbrook Falls photos

Silverband Falls

Silverband Falls photos

Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls photos

Cedar Creek Falls

Cedar Creek Falls photos

Mackenzie Falls

Mackenzie Falls photos

Broken Falls

Broken Falls photo

Mount Field National Park

Mount Field National Park photos

More Australian Waterfalls

More Austalian Waterfalls photos

One notable area called "The Waterfall Way" in New South Wales is a scenic drive between Coffs Harbour on the coast to Armidale in the New England region. The trip passes through seven national parks, three of which are listed as World Heritage Areas by UNESCO. They form part of the preserved Gondwana Rainforests of Australia. Waterfalls here are plenty as rivers are foced to flow over the hilly landscape.

The island state of Tasmania has many spectacular falls that cascade down rainforested slopes. These are often captured on postcards that epitomise the pristine Tasmanian wilderness.



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