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Australian Culture - photos


Australia is one of the most urbanized countries in the world, with up to 90% living in cities and 80% living on the eastern seaboard within 50km of the coastline. So rather than the traditional image of a hardened outback cowboy, Australians are mainly urbanites with a strong connection to the sea and surf. Read more


Australians photos

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Australian National Icons photos


Australian Aboriginal photos

Australia's cities are a mix of different cultures, and this is reflected in the cuisine that is available. Around 90% of the population is of European decent with most being from the United Kingdom. About 8% of the population are Asian, and the Aboriginal population is about 1%. Despite the low amount of Aboriginals, the culture is alive and well and is celebrated throughout Australia in the arts, craft, music, and movies. The art scene in Australia has achieved recognition world wide due to its uniqueness, although it is still heavily influenced by popular culture from America and Europe.

The belief in a "Fair Go" is a key part of Australian culture and Australian society, relates to the underdog. This can be seen in the existence of strong public health and education systems in Australia, and equal opportunity legislation to ensure people are not shut out of good jobs or positions based on race or gender. It is an idea which involves everyone having an equal chance to reach their potential.

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