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Australian Culture - photos

Australian Flag photo
Holden photo
Lifeguard Tower photo
Holden photo

About Australian Culture

National icons, symbols, objects, and sports common or endemic to Australia are sometimes referred to collectively as Australiana. These can include items like boomerangs and didgeridoos which are borrowed from Australian Aboriginal culture to things uniquely rural or from the outback such as Akubra hats or Driza-Bone coats. Surf-wear reflects Australians love of the sea and surf, as are things that relate to beach life such as surfboards and certain suntan lotions.

Some Australian animals are often used in emblems such as the kangaroo which forms part of the logo for the national carrier Qantas. The sound of the kookaburra an edemic bird with a unique call is instantly recognisable as being Australian as are dangeous native fauna such as crocodiles, spiders, and snakes. Sports that are important to Australians include Australian rules football, rugby league, cricket, and a number of water sports such as swimming and surfing. Food such as meat pies, chiko rolls, or Vegemite are either uniquely Australian or are very common, thus are strongly associated with the land downunder.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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