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Australian Birds - photos


There are about 800 bird species in Australia with around half being endemic. The wealth of bird life in this country is extraordinary and is a favorite destination for bird lovers. The largest bird is the flightless emu which stands nearly two metres tall making it the second tallest in the world after the African Ostrich. The third tallest bird in the world is the Southern Cassowary which is found in northeastern Australia. However, Australia is more famous for birds with brilliantly coloured plumage. Read more


Cockatoo photos


Lorikeet photos


Rosella photos


Cassowary photos


Kookaburra photos


Raven photos


Magpie photos

Pied Currawong

Pied Currawong photos


Ibis photos


Parrot photos

Water Birds

Australian Water Bird photos

More Australian Birds

More Australian Birds photos

Parrot species are found in abundance in Australia. Their beautiful colours, and ability to to talk have made them a favourite as pets. Other recognisable Australian birds include the Kookaburra which is known for its loud laughing call, the Australian Magpie, and the tall Jabiru. Some Australian birds look and act like birds in the Northern Hemisphere, but are totally unrelated. Australian robins and wrens are not related to their northern hemisphere counterparts for example.



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