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Pied Currawong - photos

Pied Currawong  photo
Pied Currawong  photo
Pied Currawong  photo

About Pied Currawong

The Pied Currawong is native to Australia. They are found on Lord Howe Island and the east coast of the mainland as far inland as there is sufficient rainfall to support forests. There are six subspecies where the main differences are plumage colour and size. It is similar in appearance to a crow with black to dark grey plumage and white patches under the bird and on the tail. The male and female are very similar in appearance.

Pied Currawongs are quite vocal and are at their most vocal around dawn and dusk. Their diet consists of berries and seeds, as well as young birds and bird eggs.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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