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Australian Magpie - photos

/australia/photos/birds/magpie/australian Magpie  photo
/australia/photos/birds/magpie/australian Magpie  photo

About Australian Magpie

The Australian Magpie is a native bird with black feathers with white markings. Male and female look similar, but have slightly different markings.

This species has wide variety of complex calls with a huge variation of four octaves. It can mimic over 35 bird species and even other animals such as dogs amd even human speech.

They are omnivores and eat invertebrates, insects, skinks, frogs, and mice. They also eat grains, figs, and even walnuts. Being an intelligent bird, it has also worked out how to eat the invasive and highly toxic cane toad.

Magpies can be found in most areas of Australia and Tasmania as well as southern New Guinea. They were also introduced in New Zealand where there is now a healthy population.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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