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Water Birds of Australia - photos

Black-Winged Stilt photo
Jabiru Bird photo
Australian Brolga photo
Great-billed Heron photo
Dusky Moorhen photo
Australian Shelduck photo
Jabiru Bird photo
Australian Pelicans photo
Little Black Cormorants photo
Intermediate Egret photo
Dusky Moorhen photo

About Water Birds of Australia

australia has many types of water birds. Water birds are defined as living on or around water. Ecosystems in Australia where water birds are found include extensive wetlands, lakes, swamps, rivers, mangroves, and the open sea.

Well known bird types that exist in or around water include: bitterns, cormorants, cranes, ducks, egrets, geese, grebes, herons, storks, stilt, swans, and waders.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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