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More Australian Birds - photos

Chestnut Flanked White Zebra Finch photo
Emu photo
Emu photo
Pigeon photo
Tawny Frogmouth photo
Honeyeaters photos
Cape Baron Goose photo
Brush Turkey photo

About More Australian Birds

Australian birds exist in all the country's habitiats from deserts to tropical rainforests. Some birds in this country are worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars overseas which has led to a blackmarket for Australian birds.

Honeyeater photoA number of birds were introduced to Australia by early settlers and some native species also exist in other countries, even in the Northern Hemisphere. But Australia is known for its endemic species which are immediately recognisable as Australian. Some are given iconic status such as the emu which is found on Australia's coat of arms. The kookaburra is famous for its call which sounds like rolling laughter and is often used as a sound byte in movies. Parrots such as the cockatoo come in a variety of sizes and colour and are popular pets the world over.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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