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Australian Cockatoo - photos

Cockatoo  photo
Cockatoo  photo
Cockatoos  photo
Cockatoos  photo
Cockatoo  photo
Cockatoo  photo
Cockatoo  photo
Cockatoos  photo
Cockatoos  photo
Cockatoo  photo
Cockatoo in flight photo
Cockatoos  photo

About Australian Cockatoo

Cockatoo in flight photoCockatoos are large parrots that are native to Australia and some nearby islands in the South Pacific. They can be recognised by their crest and for their size as they are larger than other parrots. The Cockatiel however is the exception as it is quite small. While parrots are known for their brilliant coloured plumage, Cockatoos are less colourful being mainly white, black, or grey.

Cockatoos are social and active and are known for their loud vocal sounds. They screech, squawk, and can even talk. They are also known for their intelligence. Pet Cockatoos can work out how to break out of their cage or enjoy trying to get food out of a container. Cockatoos usually mate for life, likewise they bond to their owners for life.

Species in Australia include: Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Eleanora Cockatoos, Citron Cockatoos, Palm Cockatoos, Rose Breasted Cockatoos, Bare-Eyed Cockatoos, and Leadbeater's Cockatoos.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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