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Mount Field National Park - photos

Russell Falls photo
Russell Falls photo
Horseshoe Falls photo
Lady Barron photo
Horseshoe Falls photo
Temperate Rainforest photo

About Mount Field National Park

Mount Field National Park is is one of the oldest reserves in Tasmania. It is located an hours drive from Hobart the capital city of this island state. The landscape in the park rises 1,434 metres (4,705 ft) at the summit of Mount Field West so there exist much sub-alpine vegetation. But the park is famed for its lower altitude landscape which has a number of scenic waterfalls set among lush temperate rainforest. The most famous falls in the park is Russell Falls which is often used as a depiction for Tasmania on postcards and brochures.

Within the rainforest exist a rich variety of native fauna including the wombat, platypus, eastern barred bandicoot, and the Tasmanian devil. The last known Tasmanian tiger ( thylacine) was caught in this region.

Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)



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