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Springbrook National Park - photos

Springbrook Plateau photo
Upper Crystal Creek View photo
Numinbah View photo
Springbrook Plateau photo
Purling Brook Falls photo
Cave Creek photo
Rainbow Falls photo
Purling Brook Falls photo
Natural Bridge photo
Cave Creek photo
Cave Creek photo
Natural Bridge photo
Purling Brook Creek photo
Cool Temperate Rainforest photo
Cave Creek photo
Purling Brook Falls photo

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About Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park is situated behind the Gold Coast and is part of the area dubbed, "the green behind the gold" which also includes Lamington Narional Park and Mount Tamborine. The park is situated at high elevation on the McPherson Range, and is part of the World Heritage Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.

Springbrook National Park is divided into four sections including Natural Bridge, Springbrook Plateau, Mount Cougal, and Numinbah. All sections of the park include road access with car parks, amenties, picnic areas, and scenic trails, and waterfalls. Natural Bridge has a beautiful waterfall that has carved out a natural rock arch and cave while Springbrook Plateau offers many scenic lookouts with views toward the Gold Coast.

Flora at Springbrook is highly diverse due to high rainfall and a variety of volcanic soils. The national park preserves a number of forest types including eucalypt, subtropical rainforest, and warm temperate rainforest. One small area contains cool temperate rainforest which includes a stand of 3000 years old Antarctic Beech trees located at high altitude at the aptyly named "Best of All Lookout".

Animals present in the park include the a number of possum species as well as the Sugar Glider. Birds include the Satin Bowerbird, Whipbird, Albert's Lyrebird, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, and the Rufous Fantail.

More Photos

Purling Brook Falls photo
Canyon Lookout photo
Canyon Lookout photo
Rainforest  photo
Purling Brook Gorge photo
Little Nerang Dam View photo
Gold Coast View photo
Spring Brook National Park View photo
Springbrook Plateau photo
Gondwana Rainforest photo
Gondwana Rainforest photo
Hoop Pines photo


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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