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Hamilton - photos

Victoria St photo
City Plaza photo
Novotel Tainui photo
City Plaza photo
Waikato Draught photo
Waikato Draught photo
Waikato Draught photo
Pohutukawa leaves photo
Waikato River photo
Waikato River photo
Waikato River photo
Hobbiton photo

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Waikato River photo

About Hamilton

Hamilton is the fouth biggest city and largest inland city in New Zealand. Situated just south of Auckland, in the Waikato, it is thought that the city could merge Auckland in years to come as both cities expand. Hamilton serves the surrounding rural economy of the Waikato Basin, the most fertile land in the country and the centre of the richest dairy industry in the world. Read more ››


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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