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Auckland - photos

Westhaven View photo
Auckland CBD photo
Auckland Overcast Day photo
Auckland skyline photo
Auckland Harbour Bridge photo
Auckland Ports photo
Auckland Skyline photo
Mt Victoria photo
Westhaven View photo
Auckland Skylinephoto
Auckland Museum photo
Auckland Waterfront photo
Auckland Harbour Bridge photo
Auckland CBD View photo
Auckland Skyline photo

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About Auckland

The name Auckland refers both to a region and a city. The region borders the Northland region to the north and Waikato in the south. East is the Pacific Ocean and west is the Tasman Sea, the body of water between New Zealand and Australia.

Auckland city is big in area compared to its population. It is around one-third the size of London but has less than one eighth the population. Despite not being a high density city, the population still amounts to nearly one third of the national population which is surprisingly more than the population of the country's biggest island, the South Island.

Auckland is the largest Polynesian city in the world, as it has a sizable Maori population as well as a large Pacific Island populace. Read more ››

More Photos

Fullers Auckland Ferry photo
Sky Tower photo
Britomart photo
Westhaven photo
Westhaven Marina photo
Waitemata Harbour photo
Waitemata Harbour photo
Auckland Museum photo
Mt Eden View photo
Mt Victoria View photo
Waitakeres photo
Waitakeres photo
Auckland Skytower photo
Auckland Buildings photo
Auckland Skytower View photo
Phillips Fox photo
Auckland Night Skyline photo
Auckland Skyline photo
Auckland Skyline photo
Auckland Night Skyline photo



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