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South Coast - photos

Red Rocks photo
Cook Strait photo
Cook Strait photo
Palliser Bay photo
Southerly Storm photo
Red Rocks photo
Red Rocks photo
Lyall Bay photo
Palliser Bay photo
Palliser Bay photo
Pencarrow photo
Palliser Bay photo
Southerly Storm photo
Whatarangi photo
Whatarangi photo
Seals photo
Wellington South Coast photo
Wellington South West Coast photo
Wellington South Coast photo
Wellington South Coast photo

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Wairarapa Coastline photoThe southern coastline of the North Island is a rocky coast that is often battered by huge swells and lashing winds from the Antarctica during winter and spring. Some sandy beaches suitable for swimming exist and can be quite pleasant during the summer and autumn months. The more popular spots exist within the boundaries of Wellington city mainly due to accesibility.

Most of Wellington's south coast is bundled into a reserve called Taputeranga. This reserve extends 2.3km out to sea and along 3.3km of coastline encompassing Owhiro, Island, and Houghton bays. The areas reserve status means a fishing ban is in place as a measure to preserve marine life. The reserve protects three ocean currents that converge off the coast here, creating a wide range of habitats which attract a rich mix of plants and animals.

Great views of the South Island are visible along this coast with the peaks of the South Island standing out clearly in the winter months when the Kaikoura mountains are covered in snow.

Notable places along this coast of the North Island include: Lyall and Houghtons bays for surfing, Red Rocks for walking and viewing seals, Princess Bay for swimming, and Owhiro Bay for diving.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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