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Northland Beaches - photos

Cape Maria Van Diemen photo
Spirits Bay photo
Pacific Ocean & Tasman Sea photo
Cape Reinga Lighthouse photo

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About Northland Beaches

Cape Maria Van Diemen photoNorthland contains some of the best beaches in New Zealand and coupled with its sub-tropical climate, it is a natural holiday destination. Often called the the Far North or the Winterless North, Northland sits between the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The land itself consists of farmland and small settlements. Native forests still cover half of the land including ancient Kauri forests which have trees that contain the largest volume of wood in the world.

The western coastline of the region is dominated by a few big beaches including the inaccurately named Ninety Mile Beach, which is actually 88 km long (54 miles). The east coast on the Pacific side is more irregular and is dotted with scenic bays, peninsulas, and some equisite white sand beaches.

The northernmost point is often thought to Cape Reinga when it is actually the Surville Cliffs, close to North Cape. However, New Zealand also owns the Kermadec Island chain that lies between the North Island and the South Pacific nation of Tonga to the north. According to Māori mythology both Cape Reinga and Spirits Bay is where the souls of the dead depart for the afterlife.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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