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Tongatapu Island Group

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The Tongatapu Group is southernmost archipelago of Tonga. Tongatapu Island is the main island of this island group and for Tonga. It is the biggest island in area and population. Tongatapu Island is the home island of the king and the location of Nuku'alofa, the capital of Tonga. This town is the economic centre of Tonga and thus attracts many people from outer islands who are looking for work. About 70% of the country's population reside on the island of Tongatapu.

Tongatapu has numerous historical sites including the Trilithon, an ancient sacred stone archway, which is often called the Stonehenge of the South Pacific, although quite small in comparison. Only metres away lies another historical site, a large stone with engravings that was once part of the king's throne about 700 years ago.

Tongatapu was discovered by Europeans in 1643 by Abel Tasman who visited in two ships. The expedition's goals were to chart the unknown seas in the area to find a passage through the South Pacific for faster access to South America.

On Tongatapu's east coast, you can see neighbouring Eua Island which is the second biggest island in the Tongatapu Group. It has a number of smaller islets and coral reefs around the island. Most islets including coral cays are found around near Tongatapu Island. Many of these islands are uninhabited. Other islands are tourist attractions complete with resorts. These include Pangaimotu, Atata, and Fafa.

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