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Nukualofa - photos

Centenary Church photo
Centenary Church photo
Centenary Church photo
Shop photo
St Anthony photo
Caesars Palace photo
Royal Palace photo
St Anthony photo
Immigration Ministry photo
Reserve Bank of Tonga photo
Australian High Commission photo
Little Italy Hotel photo
Taufa'ahau Rd photo
Taufa'ahau Rd photo
Taufa'ahau Rd photo
Taufa'ahau Rd photo

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About Nukualofa

St. Anthonys photoNuku'alofa is capital and commercial centre of Tonga. It encompasses over one-third of the whole population ofTonga. The location of the Royal Palace called 'the Sia ko Veiongo (Veiongo Hill)' is located here.

Since the 1960s, the town has experienced rapid growth and has absorbed a number of surrounding villages. In 2006, riots in Nuku'alofa destroyed much of the town centre, but has mostly been rebuilt.

There is an international airport 20 minutes drive from Nuku'alofa with connections to other pacfic islands such as New Zealand, Cook Islands, Samoa, and Vava'u.

Fanga'uta Lagoon photoTransport in Nuku'alofa includes a bus service which has a reputation as being unreliable, taxis are considered a better option. Nuku'alofa harbour is the only deep-water harbour on the island, which determined its selection as the site for the capital. You can go by boat to smaller islands such as Atata, Fafa, and Pangaimotu islands, from the pier just outside Nuku'alofa's centre.

More Photos

Taufa'ahau Rd Nukualofa photo
Taufa'ahau Rd Nukualofa photo
Taufa'ahau Rd Nukualofa photo
Flash Flood photo
Nukualofa Aerial View photo
Nukualofa Aerial View photo
Plaza photo
Supermarket Nulualofa photo


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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