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Tongan Shipwrecks - photos

Pangaimotu Island Shipwreck photo
Nuku'alofa Shipwreck photo
Nuku'alofa Shipwreck photo
Pangaimotu Island Shipwreck photo

About Tongan Shipwrecks

Boats are a necessary form of transport in Tonga and nearly all processed goods are brought in by either boat or plane.

This goes some way to explain the high number of shipwrecks scattered around the coasts of the arpicheligo. Some of these wrecks are clearly visible as they sit on shallow seaand have been abondoned. Others wrecks have sunk below sea level allowing for good diving opportunities.

Tonga is renown as a world-class cruising area. The Vava'u Group for instance have fine sailing conditions and great anchorages. And with up to 30 metres of visbility under the water, accessibility to wrecks and diving in and around them is quite easy.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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