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Te Puia - photos

Welcome to Te Puia photo
Bubbling Mud photo
Silica Terrace photo
Maori Carving Te Puia photo
Te Puia Walk photo
Crater Wall photo
Cool Water Pool photo
Te Puia Bridge photo
Te Puia Information Centre photo
Te Puia Marae photo
Te Piua Store House photo
Te Puia Carpark photo
Te Puia View photo
Te Piua Silica Terrice photo
Thermal Steam photo
Te Puia View photo
Te Puia Shop photo
Oil Pool photo
Boiling Fumerole photo
Steam Oven photo

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About Te Puia

Te Puia is a thermal reserve and cultural centre located on the outskirts of Rotorua city. While there are more spectacular thermal parks in New Zealand, Te Puia is the most popular in the country. This is because of its convenient location just minutes away from the city of Rotorua. The reserve contains many different volcanic features including: bubbling mud pools, boiling water pools, fumerols, silica terraces, and shooting geysers. The famous Pohutu Geyser is found here. It erupts every twenty minutes.

More Photos

Te Puia Marae photo
River in Te Puia Reserve photo
River at Te Puia photo
Cool Water Pool photo
Te Puia View photo
Geyser View photo
Geyser photo
Te Puia View photo
Maori Carving Te Puia
Silica Deposits photo
Volcanic Colours photo
Steaming Fumerole photo
Te Puia Vegetation photo
Cold Pool photo
Cold Water photo
Te Puia Mud and Water photo
Volcanic Vegetation photo
Trees Te Puia photo
Pool& Ponga Trees photo
Cold Water Pool photo
Volcanic Mud Te Puia photo
Volcanic Mud Pool photo
Mud Pools photo
Dried Out Mud Pools
Silica Fumerole photo
Te Puia Mud Crater photo
Mud Vent photo
Volcanic Mud Pool photo
Silica and Steam photo
Silica & Trees photo
Coloured Dirt photo
Silica Terrace photo
Te Puia River photo
Thermal Lake photo
Steam Vent photo
Te Puia River photo
Steam Vent photo
Silica photo
Silica photo
Steam Vent photo
View of Te Puia photo
Te Puia Reserve View photo
Te Puia Reserve View photo
Steam and Trees Te Puia photo
Riverbank Te Puia photo
Mud Pools Te Puia photo
TePuia Reserve View photo
Coloured Mud photo


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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