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New Zealand Rural - photos

Vineyard photo
Rural Northland photo
Rangitikei photo
Rural Taranaki photo
Farm animals photo
Rangitekei photo
Lavender field photo
Rual Queenstown photo
Vineyard photo
Ruapehu District photo
Wheat field photo
Wind Farm photo
Rual Coromandel photo
Rual Northland photo
Paraparas photo
Mt Cook photo
Lavender field photo
Vineyard photo
Corn photo
Corn photo
Wind Farm photo
Vineyard photo
Vineyard photo
Corn photo

About New Zealand Rural

The rural sector of New Zealand is the biggest contributor to New Zealand's economy. Dairy, agriculture, fishing, and forestry are significant both today and historically. Exported goods from the rural economy (including processed products) contribute well over half the the country's export earnings with more than half of New Zealand's land area being used for farming and plantations.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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