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New Zealand Dairy - photos

Dairy Cow photo
Bulls photo
Dairy Cows photo

About New Zealand Dairy

New Zealand is the richest dairy nation in the world. Almost one third of dairy farm herds in New Zealand are located in the South Auckland and Waikato area making it the richest dairy pasture on the planet. Taranaki is the second main area for dairy farming and the whole North Island accounts for 85% of dairy farms in the country.

In 2001, the New Zealand dairy industry was restructured into a single company called Fonterra giving New Zealand dairy immense global power in that industry. It is the biggest company in New Zealand and is jointly owned by about 13,000 New Zealand dairy farmers. It supplys 30% of the world's dairy needs making it the world's largest exporter of dairy products.

A dairy farm by definition farms cows for milk. This milk is processed in a dairy factory as milk, cream, yogurt, icecream. butter, cheese, etc. Dairying has long been part of New Zealand culture and even the local corner store in New Zealand is called a 'dairy'. The stores were originally outlets for dairy products, but have expanded to sell other items that you find in any corner store in the world.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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