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Lake Hawea - photos

Lake Hawea photo
Lake Hawea photo
Lake Hawea photo
Lake Hawea photo

About Lake Hawea

Lake Hawea location mapLake Hawea in the Central Otago region sits at an altitude of 348 metres above sea level. Its area is 141 km² (87 square miles), and its depth 392 metres. At it greatest length it is 35 km (21 miles).

The lake resides in a huge glacial valley next to another valley that contains Lake Wanaka. A mere 1 km separates these lakes at their closest point.

Mountains surround Lake Hawea with a small area of flat land around the lake at the southern end where the small settlement of Hawea is located.

Lake Hawea photoThe lake is a popular summer holiday spot as it allows swimming. Fishing and boating are also popular year round. Fast-flowing rivers in the mountains provide adventure tourism activities includeing: skiing, jetboating, climbing, and trekking.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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