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Manuka Tree - photos

Mānuka Trees photo
Mānuka Trees photo
Mānuka Trees photo
Mānuka Forest photo
Mānuka Forest photo
Mānuka Forest photo
Mānuka Trees photo
New Zealand Rainforest photo

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About Manuka Tree

Mānuka (Tea tree) is native tree of New Zealand belong to the myrtle family, the same family that the Pohutukawa and Rata belong to. Manuka is found throughout New Zealand and south-eastern Australia, it is more commonly found in New Zealand on the drier eastern coasts of both islands.

Being an early coloniser, it is one of the first species to grow when land is cleared. Typically the tree is around 2-5 metres tall, but can grow up to 15 metres (nearly 50 feet) in height. It is evergreen species that produces a white flower in spring and its leaves are somewhat prickly.

Mānuka is sometimes used for smoking meats and fish which produces a nice flavour. Bees that live near Mānuka produce Mānuka Honey which has a strong flavour and many health properties. Mānuka is closely related to the Kānuka which has softer leaves and harder wood.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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