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Kaiteriteri Beach - photos

Kaiteriteri Beach photo
Kaiteriteri Beach photo
Tasman Bay photo
Little Kaiteriteri Beach photo
Kaiteriteri Beach photo
Kaiteriteri Inlet photo
Split Apple Rock photo
Kaiteriteri Beach photo
Breaker Bay photo
Kaiteriteri Homes photo
Kaka Island photo
Little Kaiteriteri Beach photo
Kaiteriteri View photo
Ngaio Bay photo
Little Kaiteriteri Beach photo
Kaiteriteri photo
Kaiteriteri Sand photo
Bayview Lookout photo
Ngaio Bay photo
Kaiteriteri Sand photo

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About Kaiteriteri Beach

Located in Tasman Bay and between the town of Motueka and Abel Tasman lies the small beachside town of Kaiteriteri. It is a a very popular holiday spot with the main attraction being the sweeping golden sand beaches of Kaiteriteri and Little Kaiteriteri, as well as its proximity to Abel Tasman National Park.

Split Apple Rock photoThe beach at Kaiteriteri is really two beaches, namely, Kaiteriteri and Little Kaiteriteri. Each beach is linked by a walk at the entrance to Kaiteriteri Inlet. This walk provides great views of both beaches. Another walk to Stephens Bay starting at Little Kaiteriteri offers a sweeping view over the bay. Perhaps the best view of all is Bayview Lookout at Kaka Point. It offers an aerial view of Kaiteriteri as well as the western coast where Breaker Bay, Honeymoon Bay, and Ngaio Bay come into view. Further in the distance is Abel Tasman National Park.

Little Kaiteriteri Beach photoSplit Apple Rock near Kaiteriteri is an icon of the Tasman Bay coastline. Located in scenic Towers Bay, this apple shaped rock was thought to have split in half during the last ice age. It is a popular stopover for kayakers and a photo opportunity for vistors to Abel Tasman via sea taxis. The beach itself is accessible by a short but steep track and at low tide you can wade out to the rock.

Kaiteriteri is one of the starting points for a boat trip to Abel Tasman National Park. Tour operators and sea taxis provide easy access to the park. Most come to do the famous Abel Tasman Walk, a popular 3-5 day trek through bush, over hills, and on stunning beaches. The walk is relatively easy and in excellent condition with amenities and accomodation onroute. The park hosts a number of native birds species and aquatic wildlife such as dolphins, seals, and sea birds.

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Bayview Lookout photo
Golden Sand photo
Crab photo
Torlesse Rock photo


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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