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Lyttleton - photos

Port of Lyttleton Christchurch photo
Porthole Bar Lyttleton Christchurch photo
London Street Lyttleton Christchurch photo
London Street Lyttleton Christchurch photo
Lyttleton Christchurch photo
Oxford Street Lyttleton Christchurch photo
Christchurch Suburbs photos
Christchurch Suburbs photos

About Lyttleton

Lyttleton is the port of Christchurch. Geographically isolated from the rest of the city by the imposing Port Hills, the suburb has developed its own culture and look due to this isolation, as well as the unique topography, port, and old architecture. The New Zealand Historic Places Trust has even awarded Lyttelton with a Category I Historic Area status.

Lyttleton was the epicentre of the devastating February 2011 earthquake that destroyed most of Christchurch's CBD. The suburb also sustained major damage and many heritage buildings were lost. The suburb has since recovered and is still functioning as the port of Christchurch.

The suburb looks very different to the rest of Christchurch and is more reminisent of Wellington or Dunedin due to the hilly landscape and wooden houses perched on the hills. The main street London Street is a popular place to enjoy a coffee or meal.

There are many walks on offer to such as the Early Settler Track, Portside Walk, or the Bay Harbour Stroll. Access to this suburb is made by a tunnel or a few windy scenic roads over the Port Hills.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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