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Port Fairy Victoria - photos

East Beach Port Fairy photo
Port Fairy Waves photo
Moyne River photo
East Beach Port Fairy photo

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About Port Fairy Victoria

Port Fairy is a coastal town situated on the southern coastline of Victoria at Port Fairy Bay and extends around Moyne River. To the east is the city of Warrnambool and to the north lies rural countryside that eventually touches The Grampians, a scenic area of mountains.

The town's economy is based on tourism, fishing, and whale watching. The coastline has many beaches and a number of good surf spots like Old Passage, the Lighthouse, and East Beach.

The township has an interesting history with strong Irish heritage. Immigrants were lured to the area because of available land that was rich in volcanic soil, making it ideal for growing crops like potatoes and onions.

Today there are over 70 buildings of historic significance in town with many boats moored along Moyne River just behind the scenic coastline. This mixture of history, boating, and beachlife gives Port Fairy its unique character.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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