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Canberra - photos

Canberra photo
Canberra War Memorial photo
Telstra Tower photo
Lake Burley Griffith photo
Lake Burley Griffith  photo
Canberra Mall photo
Canberra Old Parliament photo
Canberra Parliament photo
Canberra Parliament photo
Anazac Parade photo
Captain Cook Fountain photo

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About Canberra

In response to the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney as Australia's capital city, Canberra was pre-planned and built in the 20th century. It was built inland unlike all other main Australian cities which are located on the coast. A new territory named Australian Capital Territory (abreviated as ACT) was created which includes Canberra, farmland, and a number of national parks. The territory is enclaved within New South Wales.



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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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