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Rural Australian Landscapes - photos

Southern New South Wales photo
Southern New South Wales photo
Explorer Country photo
Rural Queensland photo
Grampians District Australia photo
Lithgow photo
Lithgow photo
Rural Victoria photo
Otway Farmland photo
Rural Queensland photo
Inland New South Wales photo
Rural Grampians photo

About Rural Australian Landscapes

Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world with less than 10 percent of Australians residing in rural areas.

Outside of major urban zones lie large rural areas as well as coastline and natural environments often protected as national parks or reserves. The rural areas can be scenic places with colourful crops and mountain or hilly backdrops.

The more fertile rural areas of Australia grow a myriad of crops or have sheep grazing. Farms in semi-arid areas outside of the desert regions look less like farms and more like the natural landscape as farm animals here are sparsely populated. In some outback stations (huge farms) they are so large that cattle is sometimes rounded up using helicopters. Some of these stations are huge with some being bigger in size than some small countries.

Rural areas near national parks or reserves are good places to see Australia's wildlife. Often kangaroos, wallabies, and emu wander into farmland and can be easily spotted.

Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)



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