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More Australian Landscapes - photos

Ladies Tarn Photos
River photo
River photo
Cradle Mountain photo

About More Australian Landscapes

Lake McKenzie photoAustralian landscapes is unique as it is the most eroded of all continents on Earth. The result of this aeons of erosion are some wonderful natural features such as gorges, sandy beaches, exposed rock formations, and monoliths.

Due to Australia's sheer size, it contains many differing climatic zones from tropical to sub-alpine environments. This gives Australia tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate rainforests. These rainforests however contrast with the barren Outback which is the Earth's second largest area of desert. The Outback also encompasses large areas of Savanna plains.

There are many rivers that flow from the Great Dividing Range in eastern Australia. Most of these rivers drain toward the eastern coastline giving rise to the fertile eastern seaboard. Rivers that flow west of this range eventually find their way into the Murray River the biggest river in Australia. It was once believed that central Australia had a lake which was fed by westward flowing rivers until it was discovered that they actually made their way into the Murray.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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