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Grass Tree - photos

Grass Tree photo
Grass Tree photo
Young Grass Tree photo
Grass Tree photo
Grass Tree & Eucalypt Forest photo
Grass Trees photo
Grass Tree Leaves photo
Grass Tree Leaves photo

About Grass Tree

There are 30 species of the native grass tree that exist throughout Australia including Tasmania. They grow about 1 metre every 100 years and have a lifespan of around 600 years. When they reach about 4 metres in height, they stop growing. In contrast to this, a stalk grows out the top of the tree at 2 to 3 cm per day and reaching over 3 metres in height.

In the past, the grass tree was called "blackboy" due to being similar in appearance to an Aboriginal boy holding a spear.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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