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More Australian Fauna - photos

Snake photo
Possum photo
Wombat photo
Road Sign of a Kangaroo and Wombat photo
Spider photo
Bats photo
Bandicoots photo

About More Australian Fauna

Australian fauna is unique and even weird compared to the rest of the world. Marsupials found mostly in Australia include th emost iconic Australian animals of all. Included is the kangaroo,koala, and wombat. . Perhaps the weirdest animal on Earth is the Playpus which is endemic to Australia. It looks like a cross between a mammal and bird. It is a has a bill like a duck, is a semiaquatic, it lays eggs, and is a furry mammal.

Australia has a reputation for dangeous fauna which include the most poisenous snakes and spiders on Earth. The most poisonous creature is the Box Jellyfish which is many times more poisonous than snakes.,



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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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