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Sydney Beaches - photos

Bondi Beach photo
Bronte Beach photo
The Spit photo
Palm Beach photo
Palm Beach photo
Narrabeen photo
Collaroy photo
Sydney City photo

About Sydney Beaches

You're never far from a beach in Sydney. The coastline contains spectacular beaches in both the Pacific Ocean as well as Port Jackson. Starting with Palm Beach in the north through to Cronulla in the south there is a wide variety of sand, surf, and culture. Generally speaking, the Pacific beaches fall into two categories, those on the North Shore such as Manly, Narrabeen, and Palm Beach and those on the South Shore which include Bondi, Coogee, and Cronulla. Harbour beaches, (i.e., those in Port Jackson) include such gems as Balmoral, Little Manly, and Nielsen Park.

Manly Beach
On the North Shore and at the access point to Northern Peninsula lies Manly one of Sydney's biggest and best ocean beaches. Besides its 3 km length, Manly is famous for its surf, sand, and shops. Behind the beach is a wide variety of takeaways, cafes, steak houses, and seafood, Asian, & Italian restaurants.

Narrabeen Beach
Narrabeen is famous as one of the great surf breaks of the world and is one of the longest in Sydney. Narrabeen Lake empties out to the sea at the north end of Narrabeen Beach and there is a public caravan park on the north bank of the outlet.

Whale Beach
Whale Beach is a popular family beach. It has a large swimming pool and picnic area too. The beach is one of the most spectacular beaches on the North Shore.

Palm Beach
Located on Sydney's most northern extremity, Palm Beach is home to the wealthy and is arguably the most pictureque beach in Sydney. The soap Home and Away is filmed here.

Bondi Beach
Bondi is a sprawling beach with fine white sand and plenty of shops, bars, and hotels. Bondi is considered the trendy and fashionable beach of Sydney. Located in the South Shore, the beach is a good starting point for the Bondi to Bronte Walk which offers views of sandstone cliffs, and close up views of some of Sydney’s best-loved beaches.

Bronte Beach
Bronte Beach is picturesque and set in a huge park with barbecue facilities. It is a popular recreational beach with swimmers and surfers alike and has a number of nice cafes.

Tamarama Beach
Tamara is a small, but wide beach with is famous for its fine sand and surf and includes a park behind the beach. It is usually not crowded which provides a more relaxed atmosphere than more crowded beaches.

Coogee Beach
This is a small and intimate beach of Sydney with a large number of backpackers and hotels, as well as a wide variety of cafes and restaurants.

Balmoral Beach
Balmoral is actually two beaches separated by a rocky outcrop. It is a harbour beach and is located in a conservation area and is surrounded by expensive residential real estate.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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