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Adelaide Travel Guide

Adelaide Slideshow

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Adelaide Video
South Australia Australia
Adelaide Map

About Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia. The city is slightly smaller than Perth making it the fifth biggest city in Australia by population. Adelaide is a planned city with wide streets aranged in a grid pattern. Surrounding the CBD is a green area called the Adelaide Parklands.

Set beside the Torrens River, coast, and Adelaide Hills, Adelaide offers parks, beaches, bush walks, and a world famous wine producing area called the Barossa Valley.

Adelaide location mapThe climate in Adelaide is classified as Mediterranean which means long hot and dry summers. In fact it can get very hot here between the months of Janauary to March with the mercury rising even into the 40s celcius, (110+ farenheit). Rainfall is reliable during winter months.

Like most Australian cities, Adelaide is built near the coast. Beaches are popular in summer and a great way to cool off. Popular beaches include: Glenelg which is also popular for shops. Glenelg is easily accessible by a tram service to and from the city. Closer to the city is Henley Beach which is also popular. Henley Beach also has a popular cafe precinct. There are a number of beaches further out which are popular during weekends or holiday periods.

Kangaroo Island is very popular with locals and tourists alike. It is the third largest island in Australia and located 112 km from Adelaide. The island has beaches, national parks, caves, and even fossils. It is one of South Australia's most popular tourist destinations and a great place to see a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat.

The Barossa Valley is one of the most important wine producing regions in Australia. Located about 60km from the city, the area contains many historic small towns with a German influence due to many early settlers originating from there. The wine industry is the main economic activity here. With many hectares of vineyards, many fine Australian wines come from this area, especially red wine with Shiraz being the most famous.

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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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