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How big is Australia?

Maps comparing Australia's size to other countries and regions in the world.

Australia compared to Europe

Map showing Australia over Europe. Broome to Sydney covers the same distance as England to Turkey. Perth to Sydney is like travelling from Spain to Syria.



Australia compared to the USA

The map above shows Australia overlayed with the USA (without Alaska). Both countries main landmass are comparible in size. While Alaska is not shown, Australia does have a large region in the Antarctica called 'Australian Antarctic Territory' which covers nearly half of the Antarctic continent. However, USA doesn't recognise this territory but other countries such as Britain and France do.



Australia compared to a range of countries

How big is Australia map

Map above showing countries to scale that can fit inside Australia.



The Great Barrier Reef overlayed in Europe

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef system on Earth, It is made up of about 3000 individual reefs. Clearly visible from space, it has the equivalent length of the eastern coastline of the USA. It also measures about the same length as The Netherlands to southern Italy or England's south coast to the top of northern Africa.



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