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Australasia Map

australasian map
 Click on Australia in the map to view a Relief Map, or choose a link to your left.

Australasia is comprised of both Australia and New Zealand. If you include the South Pacific islands to the east of Australia and north of New Zealand, then this greater area is referred to as the geographical continent of Oceania.

Australia has the largest desert area in the world outside of the Sahara. In contrast, it also has the world's oldest rainforest, biggest sub-tropical rainforest, and the largest tract of temperate rainforest. While New Zealand is small compared to Australia, (it fits into Australia over 30 times), it is still greater in size than all the other south pacific islands put together. New Zealand is a beautiful country that is rich in flora. It varies from lowland temperate rainforest and beech to high-altitude grasslands. Beyond these grasslands are snow capped mountain and volcanic peaks. Both Australia and New Zealand have unique wildlife.



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