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New Caledonia Fishing Information

Inside the reef you can enjoy light tackle fishing. Outside the reef thrill to the scream of the reel as you hook on to a tuna, wahoo, marlin, shark, or mahimahi..


New Caledonia is very different to its South Pacific neighbours. It is the third largest island in the Pacific and is located south of Melanesia, around 1,500 kms east of Australia and 1,00 kms north-east of New Zealand. It comprises Grande Terre (the mainland), Isle of Pines to the south east , the Loyalty Islands to the east, the Belep archipelago to the north-west, and numerous other islets.

The main island is circled by 1,600 km of coral reef enclosing the largest lagoon in the world!

The fishing

Isle of PinesThe water temperature provides ideal conditions for coral, shells and fish life. The lagoon is home for an amazing array of exotic fish and sea-life. The many marine reserves around New Caledonia protect the marine eco-system, but outside the reserves, and probably because of the reserves, fishing is exciting.

Most charter boats depart from Noumea harbour for day or extended overnight trips. The barrier reef is a short boat ride from the harbour there the water is deep and clear and schools of pelagic fish attract the bigger more exciting predatory fish.

Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)


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