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Divine Island - Map, Photos, and Information

Satellite Map

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Uninhabited Divine Island (Mouac Island) is located off the coast of Grande Terra Island, near the town of Poum. Most visitors to this island come from cruise ships via smaller vessels which dock at Mouac.

Upon arrival at the local wharf, you get a great view of the main beach. A BBQ area behind the beach is also the starting point for a short walk up a nearby hill which affords great views of the main beach and Emerald Bay.

There is also a short track that disects the narrowest part of the island that provides easy access from the main beach to a smaller beach that is ideal for snorkelling among the coral.

One end of the island is relatively wide and provides a tract of land covered in native flora including palms and native Maquis vegetation. Wild pigs roam this area and access is not easy as there are no inland tracks here.

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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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