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New Zealand Flora photos

Temperate Rainforest photos
Beech Forest photos
Manuka photos
Tussock Grass photos
Nikau Palm photos
Fern photos
Koru photos
Puriri photos
Kowhai photos
Pohutukawa photos
Rata photos
Mt Cook Lily photos
Kauri photos
Mati photos
Cabbage Tree photos
Cabbage Tree photos
Kawakawa Tree photo
Toetoe photos
Rimu photos
Rimutaka Rainforest photo
More New Zealand Trees photo


New Zealand is one of the world's richest bio-diverse areas for flora. It is home to a large variety of beautiful plants of which a huge 84% are endemic. The forests range from sub tropical to temperate, evergreen rainforest, and beech forests. Renown native trees include Rimu, Totara, Matai, Kahikatea and many species of ferns including some giant tree ferns. Other notable trees include, the Cabbage Tree, the Nikau Palm which is New Zealand's only palm tree, and the Giant Kauri, which hold the record for the greatest timber volume of any tree on Earth.

Flowering trees include the Kowhai, which has a beautiful yellow flower, plus the Rata and Pohutukawa which both flower with different shades of red each summer.

New Zealand also contains large areas of tussock grass in sub-alpine areas. Prominent areas of tussock include the South Islands McKenzie Country and the Central Plateau of the North Island.

Some areas of New Zealand contain substantial amounts of introduced species such as California's Pinus Radiata and the Canadian Douglas Fur. Both these trees are New Zealand's primary crop for forestry and take about 30 years to fully grow, compared to 90 years in their native Northern Hemisphere. This is attributed to New Zealand's lush volcanic soil and near year round rainfall.

Featured Photos

New Zealand Ferns photo

Beech Forest photo

Kaitoke Reserve photo

Black Tree Ferns photo

Silver Fern photo

Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)


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