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New Zealand photos


Explore New Zealand through our photos and see for yourself one of the most scenic countries on Earth. Situated in the temperate zone of the South Pacific, this isolated group of islands, contain every landscape imaginable and some you cannot imagine.

The majestic South Island contains a mountain range comparable to the European Alps, spectacular fjords to rival Norway, and ancient rainforests reminiscent of the Jurassic Age. The scenic North Island is famous for its rich volcanic attractions, temperate forests, Maori culture, and highly developed cities.

New Zealand also has a long and indented coastline comparable in size to the mainland USA's. The coast features some of the highest coastal mountains on Earth and many scenic South Pacific beaches. Then there is New Zealand's unique fauna such as the kiwi, kea, and tuatara that are found nowhere else. With all this packed into an area the size of California, this far-flung country perhaps offers more than any other place on Earth of comparible size.

View our photos & prepare to be amazed at the beauty of New Zealand.

New Zealand Cities

New Zealand Cities photos

New Zealand Towns

New Zealand Town photos

New Zealand Mountains

New Zealand Mountains

New Zealand Coastlines

New Zealand Coastlines

Volcanic New Zealand

New Zealand Volcanoes photos

New Zealand Flora

New Zealand Flora photos

New Zealand Wildlife

New Zealand Fauna photos

New Zealand Lakes

New Zealand Lakes photos

New Zealand Rivers

New Zealand Rivers photos

Rural New Zealand

New Zealand Rural photos

New Zealand Culture

New Zealand Sport photos


Maori Culture photos


Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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