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Girraween National Park - photos

The Pyramid photo
Bald Rock photo
Bald Rock photo
The Pyramid photo
Balancing Rock photo
The Pyramid photo


Girraween National Park and Bald Rock National Park are located in southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales respectively. These parks neigbour each other and are named differently as they lie in different states. The landscapes here are dissected by gullies with open eucalypt forest cover, rock-strewn slopes, ridges, and flats. Steep sided granite hills, boulders, precariously balanced rocks, and expansive granite outcrops are the main features of these parks.

Situated in the northern extremity of the New England uplands, with an average elevation of 900m, winters are cold reaching a minimum of -8°. Summer days are warm (25° to 30°) with cool nights.

Girraween's granite habitat is unique to Queensland. The flora and fauna resemble more southern types, with some plants and animals having their sole Queensland distribution in Girraween.


Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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